RARE Development is a boutique real estate development firm based out of Dorchester, MA that is committed to the discovery and development of single and multi-family dwellings within the Greater Boston area. 


why RARe?

Our company combines the high end construction experience and expertise of Credere Ventures with the real estate development knowledge of RARE. Our competitive advantage in the market place is a direct result of the creation of this partnership. With the resources of a full service construction company, we are able to operate quickly, efficiently and below market rates. This labor advantage, along with many strong pre-existing sub-contractor relationships, has provided us with the foundation to develop premium real estate that delivers significant returns to our company, customers and investors.

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Credere Ventures LLC is a well established high end general contracting company with decades of experience providing full service renovations customized to your need and budget.

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What We've Achieved

Single Family Renovations:

  • We have been able to successfully target high end single family homes in luxury markets that are desperate need of a modern face lift.
  • We pride ourselves on maintaining the style and historic charm of the beautiful homes in the Boston area.
  • Credere RARE has truly carved a niche for themselves in Newton, MA for restoring classic Victorian homes with immaculate skill and detail.

Multi-Family Investments

  • Our long term goal is to grow our Multi-Family portfolio for our investors providing significant returns following purchase and renovation.
  • Due to the massive development growth around Boston many of the surrounding neighborhoods that were once looked over are now in high demand.
  • We target under performing 5+ unit Multi-Families within these neighborhoods with the goal of increasing rents through a modern face lift.